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-Belly Beads -

Belly beads, are a beautiful expression to show your style and embrace your body! These beads are stylish and comfy as well as some people use them for a natural way to track your weight... as they will sit higher or lower on you. We at Earth Mama Malas celebrate everybody's body and believe in confidence and strutting your style. And these stunners do just that! You can wear them alone or layer them on high waist, belly, middle hip, low hip really anything goes. You can even wear them as a necklace! As with everything from mother nature, no two items are alike and variations are expected, but that is what makes these even more beautiful and coveted.... that it is truly one of a kind each time as no two stones are identical , etc.

*Don't see your size? Contact Ashley at with your measurement.

*when measuring remember to not suck in as you want to be able to move and breathe comfortably.


Flash photography was used, colors may vary due to screen calibration.  

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