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- Tassel Necklaces/Malas -

The mala was originally used for meditation, I now use it in my mindfulness and breath work as well.  It can also be used as wearable art/jewelry, around your neck or wrapped several times around your wrist.  They are unisex.  Malas can be given as gifts to yourself or someone you care about!  

The mala handmade necklace and tassel is hand knotted between each of the 108 beads.  It comes with its own pouch.  I usually use a combination of semi precious gems, stones, wood, cotton and silk sari material for this beautifully crafted wearable art and tool in one!  The semi precious gems, stones are ethically sourced and the silk sari material is upcycled from India and Nepal and a fair trade product.  As with everything from mother nature, no two items are alike and slight variations are expected, but that is what makes these even more beautiful and coveted.... that it is truly one of a kind each time as no two stones are identical , etc.  

If you see a mala that you love, go for it!  If not, I also offer custom malas as well as wholesale.  Please contact me to set up a design appointment or to discuss wholesale at

 Flash photography was used, colors may vary due to screen calibration.  Color fastness is not guaranteed. 

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